Available Presentations

  1. Sleep Busters
    Can't fall asleep, stay asleep or get back to sleep? This presentation will explain how sleep works and what goes wrong with our sleep system. Participants will better be able to target which part of the sleep system is causing the trouble and learn concrete easily applied strategies to sleep better. Learn tools to help you master the art of sleeping well!
  2. Life Hacks: Beating The Stress Cycle
    Learn how to be aware of your stress levels and practice key strategies to reduce and manage your stress effectively. Learn proactive techniques and approaches. Get coping strategies for life’s curve balls and how to survive unavoidable stress.
  3. Anxiety; Unlock Your Serenity
    Anxiety is a natural part of our reality so we can harness simple ways to calm and sooth our body, and our mind. We will explore how to shut off excessive worries, ways to calm the body, and learn how to stop thinking all of the time. Harness your biology to manage your anxieties. Understand why sometimes our anxiety gets out of control. Learn the best strategies to target and defeat your anxieties and unlock your serenity.
  4. Trauma and PTSD; When Danger Becomes Normal
    When memories seem overwhelming, you feel completely out of control, you are on edge all of the time, sleep is impossible, and your body feels like the enemy; you could be reacting to trauma. This presentation will provide understanding of how trauma impacts our body, emotions and mind. Gain strategies to get back in control, to feel safe again, and make your fear manageable. Learn about next steps to begin to move forward and leave the past behind.
  5. Harnessing the Potential of ADHD
    Tired of the negativity surrounding ADHD? Wondering if it even exists? Worried about your child? Frustrated with how your brain works? This presentation will provide an in depth understanding of what ADHD is, and what it is not. Learn how to identify the traits of this style of thinking and to harness it to be effective and successful. Stop pathologizing ADHD and move towards harnessing the enormous potential of this unique lifestyle.
  6. Understanding and Preventing Suicide
    Build an awareness of suicide and how it affects those around us. Break down the shame and stigma surrounding this experience. Learn how to talk openly about it without judgement. Spot the risk factors in those around you, learn how to ask about it, and gain strategies to best support someone who is suicidal. Develop the skills to build a sense of hope and connection that will protect those you love.
  1. Drowning in Life; Skills to Escape Depression
    We all will experience Depression at some point in our lives. Whether it’s feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders, being overwhelmed with living our daily lives, or reeling from a unexpected loss. This presentation will explain and explore the causes of depression, and provide a better understanding of how we can influence our brains, emotions, and behaviour. It will provide easily applicable strategies to take back our lives. Learn to catch your depression when it first starts, know when to ask for help, pull yourself out, and prevent ongoing cycles.
  2. Maintaining Caregiver Resiliency
    Being a caregiver for loved ones or working within the helping professions are incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. However it comes with costs and strains. Learn to identify burnout before it drains you. Strengthen your resiliency through Identifying and developing day to day self-care strategies to manage the effects of caregiving.
  3. Maintain Your Brain; Keys to Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing
    All too often we roll through life taking our brain for granted. We trust that it will always function as well as it always has. Emotions are at best inconvenient, at worst suppressed. In reality, we need regular attention to stay healthy and resilient. This presentation is about how to create, and maintain your ideal mental and emotional health. Learn to identify early warning signs and intervene to prevent further struggles. Challenge assumptions and break through the stigma surrounding our minds and well-being.