Elicia Miller, M.Sc., R. Clinical Psych.

Are you ready for change? Tired of working so hard to reach your goals on your own? I will provide you with new skills, new insights, and activities to enrich your life and take that next step forward. I provide my clients with a warm and supportive environment to explore and pursue their goals. I tailor each activity and intervention to you as a unique person. I ensure that every activity, intervention or skill is clearly connected to your goals and expectations. I use techniques proven to be effective by research and strive to give my clients the best treatment possible.

I have extensive experience providing therapy for difficulties including Anxiety, Depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma, Relationships, Sleep Difficulties, Stress, and Self-Esteem.

I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP), and EMDR as my primary treatment modalities. All offered within an Animal and Nature Assisted Environment. 

I provide exceptional assessment services and engaging psycho-educational presentations. I am also offering corporate retreat opportunities as well as specialized programs for team bonding and building exercises. 

As a Clinical Psychologist, I provide my clients with the best quality therapy environment  and work hard to maintain the highest standards in client care. I am passionate about my work and excited to join you in unlocking your serenity.

Education and Training

First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology, University of Calgary in 2008.

Master of Science Clinical Psychology, University of Calgary 2010.

Clinical Tramataulogist specializing in Assessment and Treatment of PTSD and trauma related difficulties.

Exceptional training and experience in psychotherapeutic interventions and assessment of children and adults.

Training and Work Experience in Leading Locations;
             Calgary Hospitals Foothills Academy
             Calgary Counselling Centre
             Red Deer Primary Care Network
             Alberta Health Services Mental Health Clinic

Recipient of many academic awards

Continually pursuing the best training opportunities available from world leaders in therapy

Registered Psychologist since 2013.


Sometimes a furry friend makes it easier…

Serenity Psychology Inc. is fortunate to share Lakeshire with these furry co-therapists. As one can never have enough furry friends, more animals will be coming in the spring!

Oberon “Obi”

Obi is a very friendly Bernese Mountain Dog. He loves to sleep on peoples feet and has a goofy over the shoulder look. He is sensitive to emotions and loves to be petted. He may even pet you back if you're not diligent enough. 


Gimli is retired so you may see him around but he does not help with therapy. He is a very curious fellow and loves to say hi. He likes to think of himself as the groundskeeper. 

Thelonious “Theo”

Theo is a Drum Horse - 1/3 Clydesdale, 1/3 Shire, and 1/3 Gypsy Vanner. He is only one year old so he is still in training. But he does love to say hi to people over the fence and will never turn down a treat! Theo is incredibly cuddly and loves showing off his mustache.


Belle is a Gypsy Vanner who is also only one year old and still in training. She is a true princess with boundless curiosity. So while it may take some time to win her over enough to give her pets, she is always curious and brave to know what is happening in her space.

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